Thinking Of Selling Your Business?

If You're Ready To Exit And Sell, RMS and Company Can Help

Are you ready to implement your exit strategy and sell your business?

RMS and Company, together with our 450 affiliate members in the BBN network, has the experience, knowledge and track record to help you sell your business for a profit. We can provide full seller services designed to enhance the market value of your business by professionally preparing it for sale.

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Why use a professional broker? 

  • We will help you understand the market value of your business.
  • We know how to confidentially locate a suitable buyer and qualify them without putting your company at risk. 
  • We know what price and terms to ask, how to justify them to a buyer, and how to maximize the outcome. 
  • We will protect your interests and insure the deal closes. 


We’re experts at this process and we’re ready to put our knowledge and expertise to work for you to help you reach your dream of selling your business. 

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Professional Services to Sellers

Assistance in determining asking price and deal structure – RMS and Company helps determine an asking price and deal structure that is fair to the seller and yet attractive to a potential buyer. This includes evaluation of a variety of factors, including cash flow analysis, value of assets, stability of revenues, industry, and other factors that can influence the value of a business. 

Comprehensive marketing program – We can create a comprehensive marketing package that is both thorough and professional. The actual marketing of the business occurs at many levels. Marketing media includes a combination of networking, business brokerage web-sites, local print media, the BBN network of 450 affiliates, and direct mail to strategic acquirers. 

Certified business valuations – Valuations are an excellent tool to increase the asking price. Our valuations are performed by Ross, Wendler & Stein, the largest third-party valuation firm in the U.S. 

Screening and pre-qualification of potential buyers – All potential buyers sign a confidentiality agreement and provide verification of their financial ability to complete the transaction. These documents must be on file with our office prior to receiving any non-blinded information on companies listed for sale with RMS and Company and being granted an on-site interview with the seller. 

Negotiations – A professional, competent broker serving as liaison between buyer and seller at this point can be critical in bringing a deal to fruition. 

Closing – We work only with reputable closing attorneys and escrow companies. 

You may think or know you’re ready to sell now, or you may simply need more information to help you plan effectively.

Regardless, we will do our best to answer questions concerning the process of buying or selling a business. For a free consultation and market analysis, contact us TODAY.

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