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At RMS and Company, we bring expert attention to the process of buying and selling businesses.

We offer years of experience and comprehensive resources to provide high-quality business brokerage, valuation and merger and acquisition services.  We get you the best results with complete integrity and confidentiality, as well as exceptional service and value.

Whether you're selling your business, buying a business, need a valuation, exit strategy or business plan to get there, our team of experienced professionals know what to do to get you to the closing table.

Business Brokerage and Merger & Acquisition Services

From the valuation stage to the closing table, we are focused on completing your transaction.

For Sellers – We provide a market analysis to help price your business competitively.  We then create a comprehensive professional package, design a strategic marketing plan that maximizes the sale price of the business, screen and qualify buyers, and ultimately get all parties to the closing table.

Our marketing strategy will find just the right qualified buyer, whether it's a private equity firm, strategic buyer or individual.  Our national affiliation with BBN enables us to co-broker with brokers across the nation, dramatically expanding our potential buyer base.

For Buyers – We start with a thorough search of businesses.  Using both our internal and external databases, we locate and screen companies that fit the buyer's criteria.  Our national affiliation with BBN enables us to access businesses for sale across the country.

Who Will You Sell To?

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Our goal is to get our clients to the closing table with a deal everyone feels good about!