Thinking About Buying a Business?

You’re ready to make the move and own your own business, but you’re not sure where to find just the right one.

Let us help you find the business that’s right for you!

RMS and Company carefully selects businesses based on sound financial parameters. Before a business is listed, we conduct a thorough analysis of three to five years of company tax returns and
financial statements. In addition, all sellers are required to complete a
business operation questionnaire, which covers topics such as staffing,
productions, competition, etc. This information is then compiled into a
complete marketing package for a qualified buyer’s review.

A business for sale that is pre-qualified by a professional business broker can be your fastest path to buying a business.


RMS and Company promises to offer quality businesses for sale. Through our extensive listing process, we ensure that the businesses we list are solid. You will receive a comprehensive package
on the listing which details everything necessary for you to make an informed decision to meet with the business owner. This comprehensive package includes a three-year analysis of cash flow.

Buyer Searches

RMS and Company offers buyer assistance in locating that perfect acquisition for you.

Buyer Negotiations

We can represent a buyer for negotiations of a business transfer to assist in determining the value of a business; generating an offer with proper price and terms; negotiating price and terms if the offer is not accepted; conducting due diligence and closing the transaction.

Buyer Financing

RMS and Company can assist a buyer in accessing funds for a business acquisition through local banks, SBA agencies, private investors and/or alternative methods of funding.

Do you want to be kept up-to-date about our new listings?

We have a database of qualified buyers who can view our new business listings before we present them to the general public.

If you would like to be placed on this list, Click here to send an e-mail

What is the process for buying a business?


Buyer expresses interest in a listing.

  1. Buyer signs Confidentiality Agreement and a Buyer Profile (including financials).
  2. Once the buyer is qualified, the broker provides a Confidential Memorandum with the preliminary information about the      business, including pertinent financial data.
  3. Buyer evaluation of Confidential Memorandum
  4. A meeting is coordinated between buyer and seller.
  5. After the meeting, the buyer writes a formal offer to purchase or a letter of intent with an earnest deposit.
  6. Price and terms of the business are negotiated by buyer and seller until an offer is accepted by both parties.
  7. Buyer performs due diligence on business (approximately 7-21 days).
  8. The offer to purchase is submitted to an escrow company and background searches are conducted on business (approximately  5-10 days).
  9. Buyer and seller meet at the closing table to complete the business transfer.